Heads-Up for independents: SAP Press book discounts

Just a quick note to point out an exclusive $100 discount by SAP Press to independent SAP Consultants. Jon Kent just tweeted that freelance SAP Consultants are given a discount when purchasing one of their Annual Subscriptions, giving readers access to their entire online library and allowing to search and print pages, download code examples. […]

SAP Personas – silver bullet for UI simplification?

Believe it or not, even a seasoned SAP Development Consultant like me has more than a handful of dreams left when he sits by his ABAP campfire in the evening. One of my many thoughts has always been around making the user interface (UI) of traditional SAP applications simpler. This process is often described as […]

Why I think coding is not creative

Can we please stop talking about “creative programming”? Many years ago, I had a cartoon pinned up by my office desk. It was a caricature of a pianist-like dressed man, sitting by a PC. Over the course of several sketches he got more and more excited, hitting and bashing the computer keyboard in ecstasy. The […]