A double-Logo SAP ?

Just a few notes on the SAP logo story today: After SAP’s soft launch of a new, golden logo at the end of October, german weekly Wirtschaftswoche reports today (Google translation into english is here) that internal resistance of SAP employees has brought the old logo back. (Update: Handelblatt now also reports on it, quoting an ‘internal employee […]

2015 Trends for ABAPers – a brief overview

It has become a common theme during and after every TechEd && d-code conference series to take a look at developer skillset requirements. Ultimately, it always begs the same questions: “where do we stand with ABAP?” or “what are new trends that ABAP developers should take into account?“. Or can ABAPers actually afford to do nothing […]

Heads-Up for independents: SAP Press book discounts

Just a quick note to point out an exclusive $100 discount by SAP Press to independent SAP Consultants. Jon Kent just tweeted that freelance SAP Consultants are given a discount when purchasing one of their Annual Subscriptions, giving readers access to their entire online library and allowing to search and print pages, download code examples. […]