This Week in SAP

Welcome back to a TWIS edition from Boston (hence the picture below). I’m currently here for the combined SAP Run Better Tour and SAP Influencer Event with Vishal Sikka.

Let’s have a look at last weeks news selection.

This Week in SAP

Let me guide you through my personal, careful news assortment from the sunny side of SAP Land (besides, is there any other…?). Short and sharp version this week. Busy days…

Let’s start with this week’s classic Dilbert, which made me chuckle.

Tweeting Me, Tweeting You

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This Week in SAP

Welcome back to yet another weekly summary of all those things that happened “over the SAP hills and far away”.

I’m a Twitter, not a quitter.

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This Week in SAP

Welcome to a TWIS Valentines edition. This week’s highlight was probably the SAP Innovation Center announcement, but let’s look at all of my pickings:

You tweetin’ at me?

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This Week in SAP

Welcome to my personal, weekly SAP news summary.

Move over and let the Twitterverse have a go:

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This Week in SAP

Back in the “Monday TWIS Saddle” again, here’s my purely personal and selfish look back on the last week in SAP Land:

It’s a long way to Twitterary (OK, I’ll take my hat…)

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