use Twitter to find SAP contracts within EMEA

Initially it was Oliver Kohl’s idea to have a Twitter feed that would push out any SAP jobs straight to you. I then thought that my “Yahoo Pipe for UK SAP ABAP jobs” might come in handy for this. A few minutes and messages later I had a play with and not very long after that I was able to expose the result of the RSS feed, which is captured by Yahoo Pipes and then converted into Twitter tweeds by Twitterfeed.

I am planning to discect these feeds a little bit more by role and location, but for now please check or follow Twitter user @pixelbase_jobs for regular updates on EU SAP contract ABAP jobs (via

Eh presto! Pixelbase has got a new service offering ! Thanks to Oliver for the inspiration (I know that he is working on a version for himself, which you can eventually reach under @SAP_jobs )

SAP slashes prices for Netweaver Subscriptions

SAP announced yesterday a drastic 50% price cut for its SDN Subscription packages. Find further info and opinion and the package here. In its announcement, Claudine Lagerholm Sr. Product Manager, SDN Subscriptions, explains:

As you are all aware, the economic landscape has changed very drastically in the last few months, so we’ve decided now was a good time to adjust the pricing.  The goal here is to make the full NetWeaver platform much more accessible and affordable to developers right now, not at some point in the future.

On the whole a very good move by SAP, enabling more developers to gain access to the full dev suite at a much reduced price and offering full support (incl SAP Net ID) for it. The only remaining fly in the ointment now is the restriction to Germany and the US…

extension of certification exams – SAP listens

This morning I found an email in my inbox from SAP UK Education telling me about an “extension of certification offer plus 10% discount on courses”. Obviously a decision has been made to offer the certification date range until the end of 2008 for TechEd Berlin 2008 attendees, which exactly what I proposed in my TechEd Berlin roundup from last week.

No matter what the motive for this was – I think it is great news for potential participants of certification exams in the UK.

SearchSAP and opinions

This is by no means an attempt to gain attention or something, but if comments are being deleted then something’s gone wrong. I hope that this is just a technical issue, although it doesn’t seem like it.

The background: I read Jon Reed’s and Matt Danielson’s comments about the state of ABAP and whether it’s Dead or Alive. All in all, I thought their posts (as usual) are rather a remix of what SAPSearch has been going on and on about for a long time now – thereby on this particular topic completely ignoring what else is been reported in the Blogsphere and on SDN. Maybe SearchSAP is feeling the crunch on traffic & ad revenue now that SDN membership is growing bigger and bigger?

So I posted a critical comment to what the SearchSAP Editorial Team had to say on Nov 15th – only to find my comment being deleted yesterday (Nov 19th). Now I am 100% sure the comment did appear on the site. I posted another comment on the 19th asking what happened to my original comment – only to find out 24hrs later that my comment has dissapeared again. They either don’t to do criticism over there at SearchSAP or (hopefully) get back and tell me it’s a technical hitch.