Heads-Up for independents: SAP Press book discounts

Just a quick note to point out an exclusive $100 discount by SAP Press to independent SAP Consultants.

Jon Kent just tweeted that freelance SAP Consultants are given a discount when purchasing one of their Annual Subscriptions, giving readers access to their entire online library and allowing to search and print pages, download code examples. This would obviously also include my book. 🙂

Currently, the price for an annual subscription is $999, making it $899 for independent consultants.

If your annual bill of SAP book purchases has sky rocketed or you need the convenience of accessing the entire library for the next 12 months whilst on the move then this might be an option for you. (Offer ends April 30th 2013)


ABAP Development for SD in SAP: Exits, BAdIs and Enhancements

A few weeks ago, when I announced my first SAP publication, “ABAP Development for Sales and Distribution in SAP”, I promised a post in which I delve a little deeper into the book, its background and how it came about. A little “behind the stage” article if you like.

good to finally hold it in my hands!

One of Pixelbase’s main mantras is very much to “Keep it Real”, to provide value for money and real-world advice. It probably might not come as a big surprise to you that “ABAP Development for SD in SAP” was written along the same lines. In order to achieve a certain “real-world feel”, I decided to create end-to-end examples and use two characters (Junior ABAPer “Christine” and Senior SD Consultant “Sean”) and a fictive company (“Byrell Corporation”). While Christine is a young developer, well-versed in topics such as OO programming, Sean is an experienced SD consultant who occasionally dabbled in ABAP, but has never created a class parameter in his life!
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ein Buch, un livre, a book !

Some of you might have noticed that I neglected this site a little recently. However others of you might also remember that some time ago I vowed to come up with new stuff. Well, the time has finally come to reveal what the prolonged silence was all about.

I have written a book! Back in October 2011 I began talks with Kelly Harris of SAP Press about a technical book for the Sales and Distribution (SD) module of SAP ERP. A lot of emails went to and fro across the Atlantic, discussing content and format, but by Christmas 2011 I started writing.

My book will be published by SAP Press in September October 2012 and is called:

ABAP Development for Sales and Distribution in SAP: Exits, BAdIs, and Enhancements

If you are a beginner to intermediate ABAP developer, functional SD consultant, application architect or involved in a SD project then this is the book for you. In a real-world approach, it will introduce enhancement methods to you and compare them, so you understand the pros and cons. With this book I am hoping to give consultants a better understanding of the enhancement process (how to find enhancements, choosing the right method, implementing them properly).

You can pre-order the book now from the SAP Press online store, but I’ve been assured that there will be many ways to get hold of it once it has been published.

There’s a lot more to report, especially on the process of writing. Once published (October 2012), I will talk more about the book and how it came about.