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There’s an interesting blog post by Hugh McLeod aka Gapingvoid, announcing that henceforth he will stop using Twitter and Facebook. His explanations about “taking a stand” (see in the comments) got me thinking.


Twitter, Facebook and even Blogging have become a very crowded space. I get what Hugh says about reclaiming blogging – it remains an area where you can put your own stamp on something, on your own site. To a large degree, that’s why I always blogged very little on SDN.


Having said that, even attempts to create something new can easily be copied and claimed by the pros, like TWIS. It was a commented link-list and I didn’t find very satisfying over time. Within reason, it gave me popularity and clicks, yes, but it was not my¬†own content, really. So much for the sour grapes…


Nevertheless blogging can still give you that sovereignty that Hugh is talking about. So here’s to more blogging, new ideas and sovereignty on Pixelbase.co.uk !

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