HANA and Watson – the elevator pitch

Last Wednesday analysts, industry experts, influencers, bloggers, mentors and other luminous individuals gathered for a day in Boston to attend the Run Better Tour and an influencer event with SAP board member Vishal Sikka.

I managed to get a few seconds with Vijay Vijayasankar of IBM and asked him for an elevator pitch about his recent thoughts on HANA and Watson opportunities. See the video below. There is also an funny and very insightful video by Dennis Howlett of Vijay and Vishal Sikka talking about the same topic. Vijay is rocking this topic, so watch this space!

Key message of the day was theĀ announcement of the roadmap for new In-Memory Computing applications. I will post a separate item on the event, for now I’d like to mention something else. I have also posted a separate article on this here.


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