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Okay folks the easter bunny managed to prevent me from posting last week’s news, so this week you get a whole-lotta-SAP-Land-goodness more:

and what did I spot in Twitterland?

  • SAPPHIRENOW:  Bill in Orlando, Jim in Frankfurt.
  • vlvl: Realizing that Santana will play in SAPPHIRE Orlando and Duran Duran in SAPPHIRE Frankfurt, I’m rethinking going to Orlando. #80srule
  • jonerp: RT @pixelbase @jonerp @vlvl let’s hope that Snabe and McDermott are not the “Union of the snake” 😉 >>> classic SAP Tweet of the week (in reply to @vlvl)
  • jspath55: RT @ccmehil About 2 hrs until go live with the 24 Hour Marathon! [more like 2 seconds to go now!]

5 thoughts on “This Week in SAP

  1. moya watson

    April 9, 2010 at 11:07pm

    kudos to you for this list, michael @pixelbase — glad to see you referencing mentor Vijay’s piece on “Women Geeks and their Troubles.” i was impressed by Vijay reaching out to me amongst others to inquire and learn and dive in here. great musings from him in his post too — well noted to be included in your “this week in sap”.

    just wondering though — where’s the reference to the originating post – that at — in your hot list?

    or to the () mentors from SAP on that blog? or to the (women) mentors that tweeted around this “hot potato”?

    you could easily spot many intriguing things every week on Twitterland from SAP-related (mentors) (and female) icons such as @marilynpratt @yojibee, karen tillotsen, and others — might i humbly ask where their perspective is in your list?


  2. Michael Koch

    April 9, 2010 at 11:33pm

    hi Moya

    Glad you like This Week in SAP.

    The other links aren’t there because I didn’t see it as that important or to be highlighted.

    Yes, there are probably many interesting tweets I could spot, but Twitter often feels like putting a toe into a massive stream. You know what I mean.

    Are you saying I’m not quoting enough women? If this is the case then please have a look at older This Week in SAP and judge for yourself.

    This Week in SAP is a labour of love and above all a gender-free zone – at least that’s what I’d like to aim for.


  3. moya watson

    April 9, 2010 at 11:39pm

    @Michael Koch
    hi —
    no, not implying you need to cover the whole firehose — no offense intended at all. but as far as not important to be highlighted, in the case of vijay’s “hot potato” i’d have to slightly disagree — there was tons of back-channel tweeting and also an originating blog that perhaps could have merited credit — perhaps— i merely submit it.

    as for your gender-free zone and labour of love — much love back atcha michael!

  4. Michael Koch

    April 9, 2010 at 11:52pm

    Hi Moya,

    understood! See where you’re coming from. I’ll try to cover more of the background in the future if possible. Most of This Week in SAP is created during a Friday lunchbreak, so my time is often limited though (and that’s probably a good thing, I wanna keep it low key).

    Thanks for the lovely words.


  5. Vijay

    April 19, 2010 at 2:31pm

    Thanks Michael
    Funny that you ended up holding the hot potato by mentioning my blog:)

    Moya deserves more credit than me for that blog
    she directing me to the technicallywomen blog was the beginning

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