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Well, in many respects its been an interesting week for me (more about it further down), but it was also the week when SAP told the world that they would acquire Technidata. Plenty to talk about, so lets get stuck into this week’s “SAP Souffle”:

  • SAP announced that they’re going to buy German Partner Technidata, a specialist in Product Safety, Health and Environment Solutions. I guess Greenmonk can really claim they were on the money when back in March 2008 it reckoned that “SAP should really buy Technidata so that it can move forward more quickly in this space” (nb carbon accounting solutions). James Governor also saw something like this coming in 2007.
  • Vijay Vijayasankar once again was on fire this week when he posted his great blog on “South beach diet didn’t work for me and neither did Agile development” (so much for a modest title). Great post with some great comments. I tend to agree with Vijay to some degree. To me, Agile is a little bit of “old wine in new bottles”, but old wines can taste good, too.
  • I liked Thomas Wailgum’s “why is the CFO still boss of IT?” – this still is far too common and his statistics prove it.
  • as mentioned above, this week 5 SAP Mentors (Dennis Howlett, Jon Reed, Leonardo de Araujo, Martin Gilett and myself) published a White Paper on SDN with regards to the current state of SAP Certification (“The Certification 5 Report“). The response couldn’t have been more resounding. Read Dennis SDN post here, ZDNet’s Larry Dignan comments in his blog, Pixelbase had a (pimping) write-up, Michael Douane had a pop (“SAP Certification Ruckus”) – and let not forget the 33 comments (so far) on SDN!
  • Jon Reed’s podcast with Eric Brown on ByDesign is a good one. Make sure it’s coming to an iPod near you soon!
  • good old SAPMeSideways is back with the “same old, same old
  • great interview on German TV with SAP co-founder Dietmar Hopp (link here – but make sure you skip to chapter 2. Chapter 1 is with D. Hasselhoff!)

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  1. VJ

    April 24, 2010 at 12:14am

    I just lit a match stick, the rest of the guys added the oxygen on that blog…It is a fascinating discussion, and thanks for highlighting it in your blog, Michael


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