This Week in SAP (#16)

here’s my weekly rundown of all that’s been happening in SAP Land over the last 7 days

here’s my Twitterverse take… some funny ones on the eternal Walldorf <-> Heidelberg debate (where shall you stay when visiting the SAP mothership?)

  • @yojibee: @vlvl I usually prefer Heidelberg too, but think I might stay in WDF this time – just for the fun of it
  • @vlvl: @yojibee it is rare to find “Fun” and “Walldorf” in the same sentence

This Week In SAP (#15)

Well in SAP News terms last week certainly was “John Wookey Week”. A lot of SAP relevant content came out of the SIIA On-Demand Europe conference:

And this week’s Twitter-Picks:

This Week In SAP (#14)

This week obviously saw the start and end of Sapphire 2009 in Orlando, which is reflected in this week’s news items.

I’ve decided to include this week’s Tweet picks courtesy of Thomas Wailgum (, who’s posted some great Tweet pickings from Sapphire 2009, Orlando.

This Week in SAP (#13)

Whoops! What happened over the last few weeks? Because of a recent change in direction for me my “This week in SAP” column suffered a little bit. More to be announced soon!

So let’s get this SAP News Show back on track…

  • Forbes’ Dan Woods sees SAP taking revenge as Oracle customers will face an implementation headache further down the line. Nothing really new in this article (the integration headache argument is already 4-5 years old). Woods added some Business Suite 7 sprinkles worthwhile a read though.
  • SAP aquires High Deal, a private France telecom spin-off which especialises in real-time billing.
  • “There’s not going to be a lot to report.”, that’s what SAP’s Bill McDermott said when asked about the status of Business By Design (BBD) prior to its annual Sapphire conference. My guess is that SAP is keeping cards close to its chest whilst fumbling their way into a SaaS world.
  • SAP Business Suite 7 has now come out of ramp-up is available to customers worldwide. I’d like to know what all the companies mentioned use BS7 for and for which processes. Heavyweights such as Colgate Palmolive surely have not implemented BS7 across their enterprise. And: are they’re still using it now? Hopefully Sapphire will tell us more.
  • and finally an interesting CNBC interview with SAP’s Bill McDermott once again. As a journalist, how badly prepared can you be? They have a big gun in front of their cameras and then mess it up like this. Funy to watch though. (via Vinnie Mirchandani and Jon Reed)


  • @erwintenhumberg : “BTW, we’re now at 68 non-SAP registrations for the Eclipse DemoCamp in Walldorf. Pretty cool I think!”

This Week in SAP (#12)

Once again I’ve been scraping the bottom of the SAP News barrel for you this week:

and check out my Twitter produce:

  • se38: “SAP beginnt mit Entlassungen in Palo Alto” (“SAP starts layoffs in Palo Alto”)
  • SpinAct: Folks from SAP layoffs can now sign-up on SpinAct and monetize their knowledge and expertise
  • thorstenster: @Blag What an absolute shame! No more Community Day –> TechEd loses at least 50% of its value. 🙁

This Week in SAP (#7)

After weeks full of SAP quarterly results announcements and the BS7 launch the last seven days were slow. So here are my SAP-related highlights of last week:

  • Jon Reed’s latest contribution on services and skills required for SAP Business Suite 7.
  • Michael Krigsman blogs on ZDNet about last weeks SAP event in NY, during which a blogger interview with Roche CIO Jennifer Allerton was held. A key point for me is Allerton’s view on system integrators and their (according to her) need to reinvent themselves. “The old Accenture model, where you trained [inexperienced] consultants for many months on your dollar, just doesn’t work anymore. The hardest thing is to get the consultants out at the end of the project, because they try and hang around as much as possible. We do use external consultants very successfully, because you can’t have all the skills in-house.
  • Eric Imberling of Panorama Consulting Group with a brief and insightful report on how ERP and CRM deployments can help organisations to weather the economic storm.

This week’s SAP Top picks from the Titterverse:

  • @jamesfarar: “Just done w Lunch gig w Prince Charles at Clarence House. He says: ‘SAP? What is that? I can’t keep up with the acronyms’. Hmmmm”
  • @leeprovoost: @chiprodgers how is SAP going to deal with the fact that lots of companies have now “no travel” policies for cost cutting?